LINX Nairobi Launches as East Africa’s Premier Internet Exchange Hub

In a significant stride to bolster Kenya’s technological prowess, the London Internet Exchange (LINX) proudly announces the commencement of its interconnection hub in Nairobi. LINX Nairobi, situated across three strategic data center locations, is the pulse of East Africa’s digital landscape; it is now live and open for business as Kenya takes another step toward advancing its technology sector.

Since the early 2000s, Kenya, frequently acclaimed as Africa’s technological powerhouse, has spearheaded a digital revolution. Its annual growth rate since 2016 boasts an impressive average of 10.8%. With ambitions to magnify this surge in progress, LINX Nairobi endeavors to become the region’s new Internet Exchange Point (IXP) with a visionary goal, enhancing not only connectivity within Kenya but also bolstering its overall digital ecosystem.

Kenya, uniquely positioned to serve the entire East African region, maintains a robust fiber connectivity network and an extensively linked submarine cable network with Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The launch of LINX Nairobi underscores this country’s commitment to technological infrastructure advancement.

As the spearhead of this venture in Kenya, Nurani Nimpuno, Head of Global Engagement for LINX, proudly expresses her pride. She recognizes and applauds the country’s technological strides, specifically referencing its adoption with Safaricom: a pioneer in digital finance innovation, M-PESA has propelled Kenya beyond its counterpart nations.

Nimpuno remarked on the warm reception; she emphasized LINX’s commitment to collaboration. “At LINX, we thrive on synergy involving data center partners, fiber providers, ISPs, and content providers, even customers are part of this cooperative effort. Our success does not hinge solely upon one individual or entity; rather, it blossoms when harmonious work leverages each participant’s strengths.”

Prior to the launch of LINX Nairobi, a collaborative effort between LINX and essential partners underscores their determination to seamlessly integrate into Kenya’s dynamic digital landscape. The multi-site, interconnected platform at the heart of this interconnection hub, accessible via IXAfrica, Africa Data Centres NBO1, and iColo NBO1 facilities, is poised for pivotal engagement in shaping Kenya’s digital future.

LINX Nairobi, situating itself at the core of East Africa’s technological advancement, serves as a symbol, not just an interconnection hub but also represents Kenya’s pledge to emerge as a digital pioneer within the African continent. The collaborative spirit that propels LINX’s initiative resonates with Kenya’s collective progress ethos, thus signaling an unprecedented era of connectivity and innovation.


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