Davis & Shirtliff Collaborates with Huawei for Solar Solutions

With the aim of addressing Kenya’s energy challenges in a transformative move, Davis & Shirtliff, a notable supplier of water and energy equipment, has strategically partnered with Huawei Technologies. The objective is to enhance nationwide accessibility to state-of-the-art solar and digital power solutions.

Davis & Shirtliff collaborates with Huawei to potentially offer the Kenyan market affordable, high-end solar products. The offerings include Grid Connect Inverters from Huawei; Luna, a brand of theirs, and Power M backup solutions. Leveraging its well-established distribution channels and profound understanding of the local energy landscape effectively, Davis & Shirtliff aims to deploy Huawei’s innovative solar technology widely.

Henry Davis, the Group Supply Director at Davis & Shirtliff, emphasizes a mission: to tackle energy shortages and promote the adoption of renewable energy in Kenya. The collaboration pursues tangible benefits for consumers, chief among them is a reduction in electricity bills; furthermore, it offers direct returns on investment. With solar installations boasting an extended lifespan and minimal operational costs, Davis strategically positions the system as self-sustainable within a few years.

The comprehensive training and support programs that this collaboration implements constitute a key aspect. These initiatives are designed to guarantee superior quality in the installation and maintenance of our solar products, thereby enhancing their efficiency and lifespan significantly. Moreover, our focus doesn’t confine merely to urban centers; it expansively includes rural areas—an embodiment of our commitment towards providing integrated electrification solutions across all demographics.

Davis & Shirtliff and Huawei collaborate at a crucial time; the adoption of solar products in Kenya is witnessing substantial growth. This surge particularly leads from rural to peri-urban communities, where demand for clean and reliable power sources escalates; grid connectivity remains unstable or non-existent in these areas.

Emphasizing the alliance’s significance as a harmonious union of vision and deployment capabilities, Oliver Du Peng, CEO of Huawei East Africa Digital Power Business, articulated its crucial role. The joint mission: to reshape Kenya’s renewable energy landscape by offering cleaner, more efficient, and affordable energy solutions.

Kenya’s progression towards a greener, more sustainable future spotlights the innovative and collaborative partnership between Davis & Shirtliff and Huawei. The pivotal role in meeting Kenya’s evolving energy needs is poised to play out by integrating Huawei’s advanced solar technology with Davis & Shirtliff’s expertise within the Kenyan market.


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