Communication Authority of Kenya Announces Reduction in Call Rates, Effective March 1, 2024

The Communication Authority of Kenya, with the aim of providing relief to Kenyan citizens grappling with economic challenges, has declared a forthcoming reduction in call rates. This change will take effect from March 1, 2024. Fueled by the prevailing economic climate, this decision signifies a transition from the current rate of Sh0.58 per minute to a more pocket-friendly option of Sh0.41 per minute for domestic calls within Kenya.

The announcement, made on Friday, sheds light on the authority’s commitment to adapt in an ever-changing ICT market. Simultaneously, and crucially, it strives to strike a balance between fostering investments and safeguarding consumer interests. The duration of these new rates is set for two years, with a scheduled review thereafter. This decision underscores not only care but also thoughtfulness towards meeting the evolving needs of both consumers and operators alike.

The released statement from the authority emphasized that this decision brings about positive implications for both ends of the spectrum. Increased access to a diverse array of affordable services across mobile networks stands as an imminent benefit poised towards consumers. Simultaneously, operators acquire greater flexibility, thus shaping more economically viable products.

The underlying mechanism for this reduction lies in the adjustments to Mobile Termination Rates (MTRS) and Fixed Termination Rates (FTRS), contributing to reduced consumer calling rates. The authority also clarified that the prevailing Short Message Service (SMS) termination rate will remain unchanged at Sh0.05 per SMS.

The Communication Authority has outlined a directive, compelling all operators to modify their Interconnection Agreements in alignment with the determination. They must file their Deeds of Variation with the Authority before February 1, 2024. This action paves the way for implementing revised rates.

The strategic move by the Communication Authority of Kenya not only demonstrates a responsive approach to economic challenges faced by Kenyan citizens but also positions the ICT sector as an active force in meeting both consumer and operator needs. With these new rates taking effect, we anticipate Kenyans experiencing a more affordable and accessible communication landscape. This move fosters connectivity and promotes affordability during our digital era.


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