Bolt Strengthens Safety Measures: Dismisses 5,000 Drivers for Non-Compliance

Bolt, the digital ride-hailing platform, has actively bolstered its market presence and brand image by severing ties with over 5,000 drivers in recent months due to non-compliance and safety concerns. This strategic decision underscores Bolt’s commitment to stringent safety protocols, representing an invested sum of more than Sh20 million towards enhancing safety for both drivers and riders.

In a statement, Bolt outlined the various measures it takes to amplify safety features and improve users’ overall trip experience on its platform. The company places a strong emphasis on these initiatives, particularly highlighting their role in enhancing user safety.

A noteworthy initiative is the implementation of an awareness and training program for both riders and drivers. This program aims not only to educate users on safety best practices but also emphasizes the importance of respectful and responsible behavior on the platform. Moreover, it equips them with a comprehensive guide, highlighting effective utilization of in-app safety features, a key advantage provided by this pivotal initiative.

Bolt has introduced stricter compliance measures for drivers, reinforcing the paramount importance of safety protocol adherence. Additionally, the company has incorporated advanced reporting mechanisms, empowering both riders and drivers to promptly report any violations. This is a significant step towards enhanced accountability, with the overarching goal of fostering a secure environment applicable to all users without exception.

In April of this year, Bolt unveiled a unique selfie check feature—an additional safety measure. This innovation requires drivers to take a selfie before going online, ensuring that their identity aligns with the app-provided details. Drivers failing to pass this verification process are temporarily restricted from offering services until their information is verified.

Bolt has also previously integrated safety features, specifically drive and car verification. This feature empowers riders to validate that the driver and vehicle correspond with the details displayed on their app, thereby enhancing every journey’s security by an additional layer.

Linda Ndung’u, the Country Manager of Bolt, emphasized the company’s steadfast pledge to user safety. “User safety stands as our paramount concern at Bolt; all those who entrust us with their rides deserve an assurance of utmost protection. We comprehend the trust bestowed upon us by our users and consequently take proactive measures for their well-being on each ride.”

Bolt’s recent move not only underscores its dedication to safety but also illuminates the dynamic landscape of ride-hailing platforms, where stringent safety measures are becoming increasingly crucial. With Bolt consolidating its hold on the market, a pronounced emphasis on safety is likely to significantly influence Kenyan audience preferences in this evolving scenario.


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