Airtel Money Partners with eCitizen to Lower Transaction Fees for Kenyan Citizens

Airtel Money Kenya has announced a groundbreaking partnership with eCitizen, targeting the reduction of transaction fees for diverse government services. This strategic move promises to transform Kenyans’ interaction with governmental provisions. It also signifies substantial progress in terms of mobile money convenience, a development set to greatly benefit Kenyan citizens.

Always at the forefront of technological advancements, Airtel Money Kenya reaffirms its commitment to offering convenience and innovation for customers through this partnership. As part of this initiative, Airtel Money users will revel in up to a 25% reduction in transaction fees compared with prevailing market rates when conducting payments via the eCitizen platform.

Integrating Airtel Money with the eCitizen platform: this strategic move facilitates a seamless experience for users, enabling over 9,000 government service payments. The scope of these services spans crucial tasks such as passport applications and renewals, e-visa issuances, driver’s license applications, and more.

Airtel Money’s decision to partner with eCitizen aligns with our commitment,” as Anne Kinuthia-Otieno, Managing Director of Airtel Money Kenya asserts, “to offering convenience: a collaboration strategy we employ for the benefit of customers is that involving essential day-to-day service providers.” She further adds, “This partnership also reflects our support for government-led initiatives; it presents an ideal opportunity not merely for expansion but also for innovation.

The revised transaction fee structure in this partnership presents a remarkable aspect, offering customers substantial cost savings. Consider the following breakdown of e-Citizen tariff bands:

Customers will enjoy a transaction fee of 0 Ksh for transactions falling within the range of 10 to 49 Ksh.

The transaction fee for transactions between 50 and 1000 Ksh fluctuates from zero to a maximum of 15 Ksh.

The fee for transactions that exceed 1000 Ksh varies based on the amount: it caps at a maximum of 81 Ksh for transactions ranging between 50,001 and 250,000 Ksh.

Customers can effortlessly make payments for eCitizen services using Airtel Money; they simply need to adhere to the following straightforward steps:

  • On their mobile phones, they should dial *334#.
  • Choose the option labeled “Paybill & Till Payments.”
  • “Airtel Paybill” should be selected.
  • Please choose “Government Services.”
  • Select “e-Citizen” instead.
  • Please provide the reference number pertaining to your transaction.
  • Please provide the desired payment amount.
  • Finally, complete the transaction by entering your PIN.

Customers can enhance their experience by using the My Airtel app to conveniently make payments for these services.


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