Airtel Kenya’s Ambitious 5G Expansion Targets 100 More Sites Across The Country Before End Of 2023

Airtel Kenya is actively making substantial strides, the telecommunications giant has undertaken an ambitious plan to proliferate its 5G network throughout Kenya, a strategic move that prioritizes enhanced internet connectivity for its clientele. In this discourse, pertaining specifically to Airtel’s 5G expansion, we will explore potential impacts on Kenyan individuals, households, as well as businesses at large.

Airtel Kenya plans to deploy an extra 100 5G sites across the nation before the year concludes. This strategy intends to equip Airtel clientele with high-speed internet access, low latency, and flawless connectivity for numerous devices. The revolutionary capacities of the 5G network promise a metamorphic shift in how Kenyans interact with the internet.

This expansion will result in Airtel extending its 5G presence to a total of 221 wards across 32 counties in Kenya: Nairobi, Kiambu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Uasin Gishu, Machakos, Kisumu, Kilifi, Kajiado—just to name a few. Airtel commits itself relentlessly towards the goal of gradually enveloping all Kenyan counties with their expansive and innovative 5G network.

The Managing Director of Airtel Kenya, Ashish Malhotra, articulates the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and enhancing connectivity. He underscores that 5G transcends mere acceleration in internet speed; it revolutionizes connections among individuals, enterprises, even communities, in ways previously inconceivable. The potential for transformation emerges as immense, a testament indeed to this groundbreaking technology.

In July 2023, Airtel Kenya launched its 5G journey by introducing 372 sites. Adding another 100 sites to the network, Airtel plans onboarding a larger customer base onto its burgeoning 5G network. This development proves particularly timely as we witness a steady rise in subscribers with access to advanced-technology devices.

By offering 5G Home Broadband routers for businesses and homes, Airtel has extended accessibility of 5G services to Kenyans. The unlimited package these routers provide is available at a minimum cost, as low as Kshs 3,500 per month. As for the various 5G packages, they range from the basic option, ‘Unlimited’ with a speed of 10Mbps for Kshs 3,500 per month, up through higher speeds, ‘Unlimited’ 30Mbps will set you back by Kshs 5,500, and finally topping out at an ‘Unlimited’ plan capped with impressive rates, 50Mbps comes in at just under Kshs 7,500. Individual homes can access volume-based data plans starting from Kshs 2,999. The expanded 5G network empowers more Kenyans to efficiently meet their diverse needs with these packages.

Airtel Kenya, a significant subsidiary of Airtel Africa – an expansive provider in telecommunications and mobile money services across 14 African countries – offers not only domestic but also international comprehensive solutions. These include mobile voice and data services, as well as lucrative mobile money service provisions.


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