Strathmore University and ILab Africa to Host Global Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Summit

Strathmore University and ILab Africa are gearing up for the second edition of The Global Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Summit (GDSAI), an event poised to revolutionize Nairobi. With a title that reads ‘Unlocking the Power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence’, this exciting summit is scheduled at Strathmore University on November 9; indeed, it’s an unmissable occasion.

Data and artificial intelligence have undeniably transformed our daily lives, weaving themselves into the fabric of our world. Recognizing this transformative potential, Strathmore University takes initiative to explore how we can harness AI and data science for addressing everyday challenges.

Delegates at the summit will immerse themselves in a dynamic blend of knowledge and innovation. They’ll encounter an array of compelling topics, including agriculture and technology; AI’s impact on business and finance; climate change – all centered around the critical issue of data protection. This educational journey offers valuable insights for both individuals and organizations: a promise that underpins its significance.

This event arrives with impeccable timing: Kenya, akin to numerous nations, wrestles issues pertaining to data protection; governance–particularly in relation to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its use of data—and the ethical questions it raises. Therefore—the GDSAI summit steps forward as not merely opportune but absolutely crucial—a platform where discussions could potentially mould our future direction.

Strathmore University and ILab Africa do not merely host a conference; they orchestrate an event that opens the door to limitless opportunities. With concerted efforts underway, both institutions aim to deliver on GDSAI summit’s commitment of harnessing the potential in big data and artificial intelligence. Therefore, set aside November 9 on your calendars – prepare for immersion in this transformative journey.


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