KRA’s Innovative Move: Seized Goods Auction Go Digital

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), in its pursuit to transform the management of seized goods, has enthusiastically adopted a nationwide online auction system as part of embracing the digital age. This revolutionary action follows an exceedingly successful pilot project where KRA garnered an impressive revenue amounting to Sh37.5 million.

On August 14 and from September 7 to 12, the pilot project showcased 104 lots of items seized from the bustling Mombasa port. Online auctions powered these items’ transition into new homes. This initiative transcends mere modernization; it stands as a testament to KRA’s commitment towards enriching tax administration for superior service delivery and heightened revenue collection.

The e-auction system, as Humphrey Wattanga – Commissioner-General of KRA emphasized, revolutionizes the industry. It now compels importers to hasten their goods’ evacuation before auction placement; this prerequisite consequently mitigates a persistent challenge: Mombasa port congestion.

“Previously, we limited our auctions to only one per month at the port,” Mr. Wattanga underscored; however–with the e-auction system’s implementation: “We can now schedule a minimum of two monthly auctions featuring goods from across the country.” This signifies that seized items will transition more frequently into new ownerships; furthermore, this provides KRA with an enhanced method for managing these commodities.

The digital transition offers a standout advantage: it enhances the auction process with transparency. By ensuring fairness and accountability through online bidding, this approach instills in taxpayers confidence that their hard-earned money serves them well. It is, indeed–this commitment to real value for taxpayer dollars–with which KRA’s mission aligns perfectly; hence its promotion of such transparent methodologies.

KRA’s implementation of this strategy marks a significant advancement in tax administration: it streamlines the procedure for selling seized goods–potentially, an enormous revenue booster. Swift clearance, now incentivized among importers; this benefits not only the government but also our business community.


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