KCB and Mastercard Introduce Exclusive Premium Card Scheme for Kenyan Banking Elite

KCB Bank Kenya and Mastercard joined forces in an effort aimed at catering for their premium private banking customers with an exclusive card scheme: the World Elite KES Credit and World Elite USD Credit. The two entities have successfully launched this venture which offers not only exceptional benefits but also distinct privileges.

High-net-worth individuals, who prefer conducting their financial transactions in Kenyan shillings will find the World Elite KES Credit card tailored to them. Conversely, those engaged in frequent international transactions – with payments primarily made in United States dollars – will discover that the World Elite USD Credit card is specially designed for such needs.

KCB Bank introduced the World Debit card in addition to its other credit cards. This exclusive offering provides a diverse range of benefits and privileges, guaranteeing an incredibly personalized banking experience for users.

Underscoring the institution’s unwavering commitment to innovation, Annastacia Kimtai–Managing Director of KCB Bank Kenya–emphasized their focus on enhancing customer experiences and contributing to a robust cashless economic growth. She underscored these new cards as a benchmark for excellence as they provide unparalleled benefits: an offering tailored precisely to meet her discerning clientele’s refined needs.

In particular, the Exclusive World Elite card bestows a myriad of benefits: accelerated rewards earning rates; an exclusive 24/7 concierge team–dedicated to travel arrangements and personalized recommendations. Moreover, it grants cardholders access to extensive travel privileges including airport lounge entry and preferred treatment at global partner hotels and resorts.

The Exclusive World Elite card unlocks doors to prestigious golf clubs and tournaments worldwide, bestowing upon its holders the rare privilege of participation in exclusive events. Moreover, a dedicated relationship manager offers personalized financial counsel–an assurance for users that they will receive not only advice but also crucial assistance. This arrangement always guarantees an unparalleled degree of service and support.

Expressing confidence in this offering’s ability to exceed Kenyan customers’ expectations, Shehryar Ali – Mastercard’s Senior Vice President and Country Manager for East Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands – emphasized that these cards aim not only at providing users with unmatched privileges and benefits but also delivering a truly priceless experience.

The World Elite Credit Cards augment the user experience by offering increased daily and per transaction limits. This enhancement ensures transactions are not only smooth, but also convenient.

Data from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) underscores the significance of this move, revealing a substantial surge in card payments within the nation’s economy. The economy clocked transactions worth Sh114.8 billion during its first two months in 2023—up significantly from Sh110.9 billion for that same period one year earlier; an illuminating growth which underscores not only increased adoption towards cashless payment methods but also mirrors Kenya’s evolving financial landscape with pinpoint accuracy.


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