Standard Chartered’s Exciting New Promo: Earn Cash Rewards with a Salary Account Switch!

Standard Chartered Kenya has excitingly unveiled a groundbreaking campaign — aptly named “Switch your Salo. Bank Better” — that aims to infuse the banking landscape with innovation by offering cash rewards totaling Kshs 15 million; these enticing incentives promise to delight new account holders who choose to transfer their salary accounts, affirming Standard Chartered’s position as a game-changer in banking.

This campaign primarily aims to encourage clients to open salary accounts with Standard Chartered; concurrently, it seeks expansion of the bank’s wealth management services – specifically tailored for salaried employees. Edith Chumba — Head of Consumer, Private and Business Banking for Kenya and East Africa at Standard Chartered Kenya— underscores the bank’s steadfast commitment: creating a transformative banking experience.

Chumba asserted: “We actively construct a transformative experience – an amalgam of investments, insurance, loans, credit and rewards – to cater to the shifting demands of our retail clients; simultaneously, we provide employers with dedicated relationship managers. We also extend services such as same-day salary clearance and doorstep banking while offering comprehensive financial solutions designed purposely to broaden financial inclusion opportunities for all our customers.”

Joining this exhilarating campaign proves effortless: simply open an account with Standard Chartered within the designated campaign period–September 18 to December 18, 2023–and stand a chance to win abundant cash rewards. As for monthly draws; fortunate winners could be walking away with up to Kshs100,000!

The seamless, fully digitized account opening process distinguishes this campaign: Standard Chartered leverages the power of its popular SC Mobile Kenya application (SC Mobile app) to guarantee a user-friendly and convenient experience for account-opening. This digital approach – aligning seamlessly with the bank’s commitment – ensures that services and products become effortlessly accessible through digital channels.

The SC Mobile app: a game-changer in its industry, has consistently evolved to cater for customer needs. It cleverly incorporates innovative technology; this is largely based on invaluable feedback from clients–thereby creating a truly adaptable digital banking solution. Crucial enhancements introduced since the app’s inception encompass real-time account opening, investments and insurance services; these are further enriched with QR code payments, diligent monitoring of loan balances and credit card balances in real time–all while offering cardless withdrawals as well as our comprehensive 360 Rewards Program.

The SC Mobile app: it captivates clients particularly with its broad array of services. These include mobile money payments; funds transfers; debit card applications–all culminating in the convenience of making payments for Nairobi Expressway’s ETC system.

Standard Chartered’s SC Mobile app epitomizes the bank’s vision: delivering a scalable, end-to-end digital banking experience. Offering an all-encompassing Digital Banking Suite; the app provides clients with seamless–and secure–access to banking services at their leisure; indeed, it represents convenient mobile banking anytime and anywhere.

Recent surveys–including one from the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA)–indicate that almost half of all banking customers in Kenya favour mobile and digital applications for their banking needs. The SC Mobile app emerges as a prominent preference among these applications, according to bank customers.


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