Safaricom Foundation’s Wezesha Agri Programme Graduates Over 700 Farmers

In a remarkable achievement, over 700 farmers in Kajiado County have graduated from Safaricom Foundation’s Wezesha Agri Programme. This initiative, a collaboration between Kajiado County, Africa Instore Solutions (AIS), Endev, and Safaricom’s Digifarm, represents a significant step towards empowering the youth in agribusiness, enterprise development, and eco-entrepreneurship.

The Wezesha Agri Programme, funded with a commendable KES 23 million by Safaricom Foundation, spans 18 months and offers a holistic approach to empower farmers. It includes training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) through demo farm initiatives, equipping farmers with entrepreneurial skills, mentoring young farmers in adopting agricultural technology and innovation, and establishing markets for their products through strategic partnerships.

At its core, Wezesha Agri seeks to enable young farmers to make economic strides and establish profitable agribusiness ventures. Joseph Ogutu, Chairman of Safaricom Foundation, expressed the organization’s commitment to transforming the lives of more Kenyans through economic empowerment opportunities. To date, the programme has already graduated over 1000 farmers, making a substantial impact on the local agricultural landscape.

Safaricom Foundation’s 2023-2026 strategy reflects a forward-thinking approach by incorporating agribusiness, enterprise development, and eco-entrepreneurship as key components of its economic empowerment programs. This strategic shift recognizes the vital role these sectors play in uplifting communities and fostering sustainable development.

One noteworthy aspect of the Wezesha Agri Programme is the establishment of a demonstration farm in Kuku Ward within Kajiado South Subcounty. This innovative approach aims to support and empower 1000 women and youth through capacity development. Here, farmers receive hands-on practical agricultural training, working closely with the county government’s Agriculture Extension Officers. They are also introduced to climate-smart technologies and innovations that can be adopted for income generation opportunities.

So far, this demo farm has made a substantial impact, with over 1800 farmers benefitting from its training initiatives. It serves as a testament to the success of Wezesha Agri in bridging the knowledge gap and providing valuable resources to the local farming community.

In conclusion, Safaricom Foundation’s Wezesha Agri Programme stands as a beacon of hope for Kenyan youth interested in agriculture. By providing comprehensive training, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting innovation, it is empowering a new generation of farmers to thrive in the ever-evolving agricultural landscape. As it continues to grow and expand its reach, Wezesha Agri is poised to make a lasting impact on the economic prosperity of Kajiado County and beyond.


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