OPPO Reno10 Series: Leading in Charging Speed and Battery Performance

Users in the smartphone technology realm perpetually seek devices that challenge limits. With its latest release – the Reno10 series, OPPO Kenya intends to deliver this sought-after experience: a groundbreaking collection underscored by cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment towards user satisfaction; it exemplifies OPPO’s dedication to innovation at its core.

SUPERVOOC: Lightning-Fast Charging at an Unprecedented Speed.

In just 47 minutes, the super-charged 67W SUPERVOOC of Reno10 5G fully charges its 5,000mAh battery. Feeling rushed? Allocate just 30 minutes, and you’ll secure a 70% charge– this allows for uninterrupted connectivity without enduring extensive charging durations.

In just 10 minutes, the Reno10 Pro 5G with its even faster 80W SUPERVOOC charges from a meager 1% to an impressive 48% due to its robust dual-cell battery of capacity -4600mAh; furthermore, it accomplishes full charging in only-28 minutes.  The Reno10 series positions itself among the smartphones that charge the fastest, with these charging speeds.

The battery lifespan is exceptional:

The exclusive Battery Health Engine from OPPO enhances the battery lifespan of the Reno10 series; it ensures that this device remains in good condition for more than industry-standard 1,600 charge and discharge cycles. For its significant contributions to sustainability, the 2023 SEAL Sustainable Product Award recognized The Battery Health Engine.

The Reno10 series features a groundbreaking Ultra-low Temperature Charging Mode: this innovation ensures efficient charging even in extreme cold environments, specifically those ranging from 0°C to -25°C. The Freeze Protection Algorithm intelligently engages this mode as necessary; it guarantees secure charging–even in subzero conditions.

The OPPO Reno10 series, with its fast-charging capabilities and long-lasting battery performance, provides a seamless and reliable charging experience. This eliminates the anxiety associated with charging while allowing uninterrupted usage.

Seamless Connectivity; Smooth User Experience:

Features such as Multi-Screen Connect in the Reno10 series enhance connectivity, facilitating seamless connections to other devices including PCs or OPPO Pad Air. Sharing the clipboard, synchronizing notifications, and transferring files: these are the tools that facilitate effortless multitasking across numerous screens.

The Reno series introduces a groundbreaking feature: the Infrared Remote-Control. This innovation empowers your smartphone to function as an adaptable remote control for household appliances–from air conditioners to televisions; marking the first instance in which this versatile capability is available on Reno models.

OPPO and Google developed the Dynamic Computing Engine; this system optimizes fluency and stability, thereby enhancing performance while minimizing power consumption.

Users can convert unused ROM space into additional RAM with the aid of RAM Expansion technology, thereby enhancing their multitasking experience. Setting new standards in charging speed, battery performance and overall user experience, the OPPO Reno10 series offers an unparalleled combination of power and efficiency.

Market availability

All nationwide OPPO stores and e-commerce platforms such as Jumia and Kilimall offer the OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G and Reno10 5G for purchase. The Reno10 5G carries a recommended retail price of Ksh 56,999*RRP; meanwhile, the Reno10 Pro 5G boasts an RRP of Ksh 69,999. Providing cutting-edge features and top-notch performance, these devices aim to cater to the demands of tech-savvy users.


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