M-PESA Foundation’s Impactful Investment: A Maternal Health Complex for Kisumu County

The M-PESA Foundation, in a remarkable stride towards enhancing healthcare access for Kisumu County’s residents, earmarks an impressive investment of KES 16 million. This funding is dedicated to building a state-of-the-art maternal health complex at the Ratta Health Centre; an initiative that promises not only significant improvements but also could revolutionize maternal and child healthcare – potentially benefiting approximately 10,000 people within this region.

In collaboration with Zuri Health and Lions Eye Hospital, the M-PESA Foundation recently organized a medical camp. Over 2,000 residents attended this event and received free healthcare services. The profound need for improved health services in the county was not only underscored by this initiative but also served as an introduction to a monumental project currently underway.

This endeavor primarily aims to establish a Maternal, Child, and Neonatal complex that fosters an environment conducive for expectant mothers. The objective is twofold: guaranteeing safe and comfortable deliveries through the refurbishment of the existing labor room; delivery room; post-natal suite – alongside comprehensive improvements in healthcare service quality specifically tailored towards women within this region.

Serving as a hub for an extensive array of vital healthcare services, the complex caters to diverse medical needs under one roof: from outpatient care; maternity services – encompassing comprehensive clinic provisions– and laboratory facilities. This holistic approach prioritizes convenience for patients while simultaneously streamlining healthcare delivery.

H.E. Prof. Anyang Nyong’o, the Governor of Kisumu County, conveyed his appreciation to the M-PESA Foundation for their support; he remarked: “We have the privilege of hosting M-PESA Foundation in our county as we initiate this endeavor to enhance healthcare services.” This infrastructure development instills in us a profound confidence: we firmly believe it will enhance health outcomes for mothers and children; ultimately, benefiting the residents.

The project, in addition to incorporating medical facilities, will construct a nurse station; a waiting bay – complete with an area for children’s play; two consultants’ rooms and various other amenities. Notably among these is the inclusion of: a Child Welfare Clinic (CWC) room – designed specifically for child healthcare needs; an accessible pharmacy paired with store space—and lastly but not least importantly—a dedicated family planning room. The objective behind all these enhancements? To not only elevate overall patient experience but also guarantee ready access to essential healthcare services.

The investment, moreover, will not only ensure each room is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment to the highest standards but also focus on environmental conservation. As a sustainable gesture towards a greener future, it prioritizes planting 100 tree seedlings.

“Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom PLC, emphasizes the M-PESA Foundation’s commitment to tackle maternal and infant mortality. ‘We persistently partner with numerous counties in a bid to improve service delivery as part of our efforts against maternal and infant mortality. This underlines why we have acted here in Kisumu,’ he underscored.”

The recent medical camp’s patients, in a testament to their dedication, will enjoy up to six months of free follow-up consultations: an innovative service accessible through SMS and WhatsApp. This user-friendly platform permits users–after adding three dependents–to extend the provision for valuable medical advice from doctors: thus ensuring comprehensive accessibility to healthcare.


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