Kenya and South Korea Announce Successful Conclusion of Second Konza Technopolis Development Program

Kenya and South Korea have successfully concluded the second phase of the Economic Innovation Partnership Program (EIPP): a remarkable milestone in accelerating Konza Technopolis’s development who initiated this collaborative program back in March 2022. The program has indeed laid essential groundwork: paving the way for realizing Konza Technopolis, a project teeming with immense promise.

During the initial phase of the EIPP, several critical initiatives were undertaken—these laid foundational work for developing a technopolis. The primary efforts included: drafting a Smart City Master Plan; performing an intricate feasibility study focusing on the Integrated Control Centre, particularly emphasizing Security Operations; establishing an Intelligent Transport System and conducting extensive consultations—all aimed at fostering a vibrant Startup Ecosystem within Konza Smart City.

In the Final Reporting session in Nairobi, Mr. Ik Hyun Eom—Managing Director of KOTRA Kenya—lauded the vigorous bilateral relations between Korea and Kenya; he expressed satisfaction with not only the successful implementation of EIPP projects but also both governments’ shared anticipation for an equally triumphant third phase.

Mr. Eom underscored their aim to reinforce cooperation through the promotion of Public-Private Partnerships, thereby facilitating an active role for Korean businesses in Konza Technopolis’s development; he characterized Konza Technopolis as a standard and technical innovation icon: its significance—particularly within the East African region—is set to skyrocket once completed.

John Paul Okwiri–Chief Executive Officer of Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA)–illuminated the crucial function of the proposed Smart Transportation Corridor: a conduit designed to link Konza City and Nairobi. This corridor will not merely bolster trade; expect it also to markedly improve connectivity within Nairobi and its adjacent areas. Furthermore, this infrastructure places Konza Technopolis in an advantageous position–the potential logistics fulcrum bridging Nairobi and Mombasa upon completion.

The Korean government’s extended cooperation grant model is embodied in the EIPP; it emphasizes cultivating mutually beneficial relationships between Korea and partner countries. Offered as a form of assistance, this grant backs identified projects for up to three years. The program bears key objectives that include: developing mid and long-term strategies; refining legal and systemic frameworks; orchestrating infrastructure planning — along with devising financing strategies.

The Korea Trade-Investment & Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and the Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA)–through their unwavering dedication and strategic collaboration–take much credit for successfully executing the 2022/23 Kenya-Korea EIPP; indeed, they underscore a steadfast commitment to realising Konza Technopolis’s vision: establishing it as a thriving hub of innovation and economic growth.


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