Glovo and Quickmart Partner to Revolutionize Grocery Shopping in Kenya

In an astounding advancement, Glovo–the multi-category app–is transforming the landscape of convenience and accessibility in Kenya; it has unveiled a thrilling partnership with Quickmart: one of the country’s premier grocery chains. This avant-garde collaboration targets redefining Kenyan shoppers’ experience with grocery shopping and home deliveries.

The Glovo app now presents customers with the outstanding chance to peruse and choose from Quickmart’s extensive catalog—boasting a staggering 6,000 items. This vast selection embodies an array of offerings: everything from daily necessities to delectable gourmet products from their famed Q-cafe. The distinguishing factor in this partnership lies within its delivery service—it pledges swift product arrival at customer’s doorsteps; guaranteeing deliveries within merely an hour post-order placement.

Duncan Kinuthia, Quickmart’s Managing Director, conveyed his exhilaration about this tactical shift; he underscored the transformative influence of e-commerce in retail. Committed to remaining at the forefront–Quickmart adapts continuously to modern customers’ evolving needs. By partnering with Glovo: their goal is not just making online shopping effortless but also seamless for their devoted clientele. “Quickmart,” Kinuthia declared, “continually seeks innovative methods to augment our customers’ daily shopping experience: we strive for effortless transactions. By harnessing Glovo’s worldwide and regional proficiency in quick commerce–we anticipate this collaboration will provide a swift, convenient home delivery service; one that caters effectively to the demands of an increasingly digital society.”

Elizabeth Mbugua—Head of Q-commerce at Glovo Kenya—resonated with Kinuthia’s sentiments, underscoring the partnership’s primary objective: to redefine grocery shopping. Articulating Glovo’s vision, she outlined their aspiration to create a shopping experience that not only exceeds in speed but also excels in smoothness and convenience like never before; by affiliating themselves with top retailers such as Quickmart, they intend for this vision to manifest into reality. Mbugua stressed: “In order to realize our vision, we actively seek partnerships with premier retailers—those with stores proliferating throughout our active locations. Our overarching mission is threefold—to make grocery shopping quicker; ensure it’s smoother; and above all else, render it more convenient than ever for the customer.”

This partnership catapults Glovo into a pioneering role within the Kenyan market, becoming the first integrator to fully cover top grocery partners in the country; it underscores their remarkable growth—capturing not just its bold ambitions for Africa but globally too.

At present, all 12 cities where Glovo operates actively fall under this partnership; plans are in place for further expansion into additional cities over the coming months. Undoubtedly, this extension will broaden convenient and efficient grocery shopping’s reach to a larger demographic of Kenyan consumers.

Glovo, a pioneering multi-category app, forges connections among users, businesses and couriers; it offers an extensive range of on-demand services. These services encompass local restaurants–right down to grocers–supermarkets and high street retail stores: they all come under the umbrella of Glovo’s offerings. The primary vision driving Glovo is ensuring easy accessibility to everything within a city; thus fulfilling user desires exactly when and where they yearn for them. Glovo, a company founded in Barcelona during 2015; has diligently broadened its presence across Europe, Central Asia and Africa– successfully marking its footprint within twenty-five countries.

Conversely, Quickmart – celebrated for its diverse selection of high-quality products and exceptional customer service – distinguishes itself as one of Kenya’s premier grocery chains. Boasting a strong presence in various Kenyan cities, it persistently works towards creating a seamless shopping experience; thus offering an extensive range of options to cater to customers’ everyday needs.


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