Safaricom Foundation Marks Two Decades of Impactful Journey

Safaricom Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Safaricom PLC, stands on the brink of celebrating a remarkable milestone – two decades since its official launch in Nairobi, 14th August 2023. These 20 years have woven a tapestry of transformation, touching lives across Kenya through a series of community projects spanning various sectors.

From its very inception, Safaricom Foundation has been a beacon of change, investing a substantial KES 5 billion into the fabric of more than 4,000 community projects. These initiatives have left a tangible mark on the lives of over 8 million Kenyans, transcending geographical boundaries and impacting all 47 counties. The foundation’s canvas covers diverse fields including education, health, economic empowerment, water accessibility, environmental conservation, and disaster response.

Reflecting on this momentous journey, Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom PLC, humbly acknowledges the Foundation’s evolution, stating, “Over the past two decades, Safaricom Foundation has evolved into a profound enabler of Kenyan communities. Whether through collaborative endeavors that yield substantial impacts or the implementation of expansive, long-term nationwide programs, our mission to transform lives remains the unwavering heart of the Foundation.”

As a nod to this 20-year milestone, Safaricom Foundation has orchestrated a series of activities throughout the month. Collaborating with the dedicated Safaricom staff, the Foundation has taken up the mantle of distributing “Mama Packs” to select hospitals across the nation, extending a supportive hand to maternal and newborn care. Furthermore, food hampers are being shared with children’s homes, bringing smiles to young faces.

Yet, this anniversary isn’t just about commemoration; it’s about forging stronger connections with communities. Safaricom Foundation is embarking on a journey to traverse all 47 counties, engaging with residents and stakeholders through a diverse array of activities. These include medical camps, fistula camps, project launches, specialized programs, and even mentorship initiatives aimed at nurturing the aspirations of young individuals across various domains.

Joseph Ogutu, Chairman of Safaricom Foundation, speaks of the Foundation’s evolving strategies, particularly its emphasis on strategic partnerships that have been pivotal in their journey. Ogutu shares, “As we embrace two decades of transformative work, our experiences have shaped us, equipping us with invaluable insights into philanthropy. A cornerstone of our approach has been partnerships – collaborating with domain experts and the communities we serve. As we look ahead and embark on our 2023-2026 strategy, partnerships will continue to be a cornerstone of our mission.”

Looking toward the horizon, Safaricom Foundation’s 2023-2026 strategy is poised to launch innovative interventions. Digitizing teachers’ training colleges within the education sector, revamping maternal health initiatives to encompass a comprehensive Reproductive, Maternal, Neo-Natal, Child, and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) program, and expanding the Economic Empowerment Programme to include realms like Agribusiness and Ecopreneurship form the core of their upcoming endeavors.


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