OPPO Watch 4 Pro: Elevating the Smartwatch Experience

Today’s tech-world is abundance of changes and upgrades to the point that it doesn’t really matter the shiniest gadget at the moment as the next second could usher in a whole new invention. Oppo has been a leader in the affordable segment for a while and we must acknowledge the company has unveiled some interesting devices along the way. And on the same note, the company has once again captured the spotlight with the grand unveiling of its flagship smartwatch, the OPPO Watch 4 Pro. Paired with the simultaneous introduction of the OPPO Find N3 Flip, this release is an ode to the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation and cutting-edge design. The OPPO Watch 4 Pro stands tall as a testament to this ethos, boasting a plethora of features that redefine what a smartwatch can be.

The aesthetics of the OPPO Watch 4 Pro are immediately captivating. Its square-dial design, complemented by a gracefully curved “micro-arc” shape exudes an air of sophistication. The marriage of a diamond texture, stainless steel case, and ceramic back creates a harmonious blend of durability and elegance. Functionality meets elegance as a rotating crown and an additional button grace the watch’s exterior, seamlessly integrating tactile control into its form.

The centerpiece of the OPPO Watch 4 Pro is its 1.91-inch LTPO curved AMOLED screen and is the display is not just a window but a canvas, accommodating a newly designed module dial that offers an expansive array of over 200 practical widgets. From fitness enthusiasts to business moguls, the diversity of widgets ensures that the watch can cater to an extensive range of user preferences and needs.

Fitness and health aficionados will find the OPPO Watch 4 Pro to be a dedicated companion in their wellness journey. The watch caters to more than a hundred sports modes, encompassing both amateur and professional options. Users can effortlessly monitor seven vital signs through a 60-second physical examination, a testament to the watch’s advanced sensors and health-focused engineering. This impressive array of data includes ECG readings, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, wrist temperature, blood vessel age, sleep patterns, and stress levels.

But the OPPO Watch 4 Pro doesn’t stop there. It’s a comprehensive health partner, allowing real-time monitoring of blood sugar values, offering alerts for abnormal blood sugar levels, conducting ECG analysis, providing continuous SpO2 monitoring, tracking heart rate throughout the day, assessing sleep quality, and much more. Its role transcends that of a mere smartwatch; it’s a guardian of well-being.

Beneath the surface, the OPPO Watch 4 Pro draws its power from the Snapdragon W5 + Hengxuan 2700 chipsets, supplemented by 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. This formidable combination ensures seamless performance and responsiveness, effectively managing the diverse array of functions that the watch offers.

Battery life is often a concern with smartwatches, but OPPO has expertly tackled this challenge. The watch boasts an impressive battery life of up to 14 days in Light smart mode and up to 5 days in full smart mode. Moreover, the watch supports fast charging, minimizing downtime and ensuring that the watch is ready to accompany you on your endeavors.

Designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle, the OPPO Watch 4 Pro flaunts a 5ATM waterproof rating, instilling confidence in users to explore a multitude of environments without compromise.

Personal expression is paramount and OPPO seems to understands this going by what they’ve been able to accomplish. The OPPO Watch 4 Pro is available in two captivating colors: Polar Night Black, featuring a silicone strap, and Dawn Brown, accompanied by a luxurious leather strap. This variety ensures that users can align their choice with their personal style and preferences.

In terms of specifications, the watch’s 1.91-inch LTPO AMOLED screen offers a sharp resolution of 378 x 496 pixels, enclosed in a protective 3D glass cover. The Snapdragon W5 and Hengxuan 2700 processors, coupled with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of Storage, create a powerful foundation for the watch’s capabilities.

Connectivity is versatile, including BT 5.0, NFC, and WLAN 5G/2.4G, thereby ensuring seamless integration with various devices and platforms. The array of sensors, from acceleration and gyro to optical heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, are indicative of the watch’s dedication to holistic health monitoring.

With dimensions of 50.1mm x 38.3mm x 12.85mm and weighing a mere 52.3g (without the strap), the watch achieves a delicate balance between size and functionality.

The battery, with a capacity of 570mAh, aptly supports the watch’s demanding functions. Charging is a breeze, with a full charge achieved in just 65 minutes. Impressively, a mere 10 minutes of charging equates to a full day’s usage, an invaluable feature for those on the move.

In conclusion, the OPPO Watch 4 Pro stands as a pinnacle of OPPO’s dedication to innovation, health, and design. It encapsulates a world of features in its sleek form, championing comprehensive health monitoring, diverse customization, and impeccable performance. With its blend of style and substance, the watch isn’t just a gadget – it’s a lifestyle companion that seamlessly integrates into every facet of life. In a world where technology is intertwined with our existence, the OPPO Watch 4 Pro emerges as a beacon of functionality, wellness, and elegance.


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