Dickson Wandera Wins Big in Safaricom’s Gomoka na Go Promotion

Have you been taking part in the ongoing Gomoka na Go Monthly promotion? Well if you haven’t one Dickson Wandera, a dedicated executive driver and father of two hailing from Nairobi just emerged victorious as the recipient of the second KES 1 million grand prize in the Safaricom’s promotion. The promotion, which has taken Kenya by storm, has touched the lives of over 426,310 customers who have reaped the rewards of daily and monthly prizes, ranging from data bundles to valuable M-PESA cash prizes.

Mr. Wandera’s journey from being a frequent purchaser of the Gomoka na Go Monthly bundles to becoming a grand prize winner serves as a heartwarming testament to the transformative power of opportunities. His typical routine involves utilizing the bundles for a plethora of online activities, including browsing, video streaming, reading articles, and enjoying music on YouTube. This regular engagement with Safaricom’s offerings ultimately led him to the astounding realization that he had secured the coveted KES 1 million grand prize.

Mr. Wandera’s plans for his windfall are both inspiring and forward-thinking. He aspires to channel the funds into the establishment of his own electrical products business—a venture that not only promises personal growth but also contributes to his community’s economic landscape. Moreover, his commitment to supporting his family shines brightly, as he intends to allocate a portion of the winnings to open a nail spa and salon for his wife. Additionally, his aspirations extend to securing a prosperous future for his children, a vision he is determined to fulfill through strategic investments.

Expressing his gratitude for Safaricom’s Gomoka na Go promotion, Mr. Wandera expressed, “I am thankful to Safaricom because through this campaign, I will be able to fulfil some of the things that were pending because of lack of funds.” His sentiment resonates with the core ethos of the promotion—empowering individuals to bridge the gap between dreams and reality, driven by the infusion of financial support.

Safaricom’s dedication to facilitating affordable data packages, enriched minutes plans, and valuable prizes underscores its commitment to enhancing the lives of its customers. The Gomoka na Go promotion is a manifestation of this commitment, granting participants the chance to win instant M-PESA cash prizes ranging from KES 250 to KES 10,000, in addition to the coveted grand prize of KES 1 million each month. Beyond the allure of prizes, the promotion empowers customers by offering enhanced control over their expenditures, increased value for their spending, and a worry-free monthly connection.

Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom PLC, extended his congratulations to Mr. Wandera for his extraordinary achievement, stating, “We are happy as Safaricom when we can reward our customers every day and impact their lives so that they can reach their aspirations.” This sentiment echoes the overarching philosophy of Safaricom—to enrich everyday experiences and serve as a catalyst for the realization of aspirations.

As the Gomoka na Go promotion continues to captivate the nation, each spin of the wheel becomes an embodiment of hope, change, and the power of seizing opportunities. With the promotion slated to run until September 28th, 2023, the journey towards transformative moments and life-altering opportunities remains wide open. To partake, customers can engage by purchasing Go monthly plans via USSD *544#, Safaricom.com, or the mySafaricom App, subsequently embarking on a journey of potential winnings, daily surprises, and perhaps even a life-altering KES 1 million grand prize.


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