Airtel Money Steps Up Mobile Money Game with Transaction Limit Increase

Airtel, Kenya’s second-largest telecommunications provider, has made a strategic move in the mobile money arena by significantly increasing its daily transaction limits on its mobile money platform, Airtel Money. This announcement comes on the heels of Safaricom, its dominant rival, receiving regulatory approval for similar changes just the day prior.

Effective from Tuesday, Airtel customers will be empowered to transact up to Sh500,000 daily, up from the previous limit of Sh300,000. While the daily limit gets a substantial boost, the per-transaction limit remains steady at Sh150,000.

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has given the green light for this development, reflecting the evolving landscape of digital transactions and mobile financial services in the country.

The expansion of transaction limits is a clear indication of the evolving role of mobile money platforms. Airtel Money Managing Director, Anne Kinuthia, expressed her enthusiasm about this move, emphasizing that the increased transaction limits would cater to a diverse range of customers and support the burgeoning digital economy in Kenya.

Kinuthia explained, “We are elated about the CBK’s decision as this change will significantly empower our customers and partners by providing them with the flexibility to conduct larger transactions and manage their finances more effectively.”

The rise in daily transaction limits not only addresses the growing demands of consumers but also aligns with the shifting landscape of commerce. Mobile money is transitioning from a person-to-person payment mode to a versatile e-commerce tool, enabling businesses to conduct operations with greater convenience and efficiency.

Airtel’s strategic decision aligns with its expansion ambitions, reflecting its commitment to providing accessible financial services to Kenyans. The company recently announced an aggressive expansion plan, aiming to triple the number of its mobile money agents in the country. Airtel targets to have 120,000 agents in place by the end of the year, signaling a strong commitment to supporting the digital financial ecosystem.

This move positions both Airtel and Safaricom with stronger capabilities to compete against traditional commercial banks, especially in the realm of financial technology solutions. The quest for a cashless economy in Kenya has been accelerated, especially with the increased adoption of digital financial services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As Airtel and Safaricom make strides to enhance their mobile money platforms, the nation’s journey towards a more streamlined and technology-driven financial landscape gains momentum. The increased transaction limits represent not just an upgrade in user convenience but also a significant stride towards a future where digital transactions drive economic growth and financial inclusion.


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