Safaricom and TerraPay: Connecting Kenya to Bangladesh and Pakistan with M-PESA Magic!

Safaricom is teaming up with TerraPay (also known as Mobex Kenya) to bring you some fantastic news! Brace yourselves for a groundbreaking partnership that will take M-PESA to new heights and connect over 32 million M-PESA customers to a whopping 200 million people across Bangladesh and Pakistan! Talk about global reach!

Why is this such a big deal, you ask? Well, buckle up for the ride, because this collaboration with TerraPay is like giving M-PESA wings to soar across borders! No more limits on who you can send money to or receive money from! It’s like breaking through the barriers of financial borders and embracing a world where money moves as freely as the wind!

Ambar Sur, Founder & CEO of TerraPay, is pretty pumped about it too: “This is the stuff dreams are made of! Our partnership with Safaricom is a game-changer for mobile financial services. It’s like opening a gateway to the world and empowering Safaricom customers to send payments securely, transparently, and at lightning speed. With TerraPay’s vast partner network of 4.5 billion bank accounts and 1.5 billion mobile wallets, it’s like the entire world is just a click away!”

So how can you get in on this intercontinental financial fiesta? It’s easy-peasy! If you’re one of the 32 million M-PESA customers, you can use the M-PESA Global service through the M-PESA Super App or dial *334# and select M-PESA Global under the “Send Money” option.

Peter Ndegwa, the CEO of Safaricom, couldn’t be more excited: “Remittances are like lifelines for families and businesses, connecting them to opportunities far and wide. This partnership with TerraPay means that Kenyans can now send and receive money to and from over 200 million people in Bangladesh and Pakistan using M-PESA. It’s like opening a door to one of the world’s largest remittance markets, and it’s going to make us all feel more globally connected than ever before!”

Let’s put it into perspective: In the last financial year up to March 2023, more than 917,000 customers took advantage of the M-PESA Global service, making over 31.8 million transactions totaling a jaw-dropping Kshs.418 billion! In other words, M-PESA is like the superstar of remittances, processing over 90% of all remittances into Kenya!

And guess what? TerraPay is just one of over 35 partners under the M-PESA Global service. That means you can send and receive money and make payments across a whopping 170 countries! It’s like becoming an international financial wizard with M-PESA as your magic wand!


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