KCB and UNITAR Spark a Green Revolution with 100,000 E-Bikes Project

Prepare yourselves for an extraordinary collaboration between KCB and UNITAR. Together they are launching an innovative project that will revolutionize the boda boda sector and create green job opportunities. Brace yourselves for the e bike revolution!

Heres’ what you need to know: KCB, known for their generous financing options. Will be providing loans to riders who want to embrace electric bikes and Tuktuks. And guess what? Their aim is to support an impressive 100,000 riders within the next six years. That means a significant number of eco friendly vehicles will be cruising around!

But thats’ not all! Teaming up with UNITAR this electrifying plan is projected to generate over 150,000 new green jobs in the boda boda sector. Just think about the positive economic and environmental impact that will bring. Its’ truly electrifying! Promoting sustainable finance and advocating for a resilient. Low carbon economy is at the heart of KCB’s goals. They have set a target of converting 25% of their loans into green investments by 2025 – now thats’ commitment!

Paul Russo, CEO of KCB Group is genuinely excited about this initiative. He acknowledges, “We want to assist individuals in the transport sector by providing them with affordable rates on electric motorbikes while helping them earn a livelihood. These boda boda riders are not only reducing carbon emissions but also contributing to our grand plans of environmental preservation. They deserve our appreciation!”

And heres an exciting tidbit: this project perfectly aligns with the governments vision of introducing an electric vehicle public transport system. By adopting e vehicles we can lower transportation costs all around – it’s like hitting two birds with one electric stone!

Speaking about the government Mr. Murkomen, Cabinet Secretary for Roads and Transport shared some remarkable insights into their plans. He confidently stated, “Our mission is to achieve a remarkable 32% reduction in carbon emissions by the year 2030. Its’ important to note that a single e motorbike emits less carbon than two saloon cars. This fact alone should motivate us all to take action and work towards this goal. “

Exciting news has arrived – over 60 young and enthusiastic boda boda drivers in Nairobi have recently received their own e boda bodas. In addition to acquiring practical skills through training on e bikes, customer service, and conflict resolution techniques.

These drivers will also undergo training in entrepreneurship and business development. The KCB Foundations’ 2jiajiri youth program aims to empower them for success in multiple aspects of their lives. Its’ truly a win win situation as we not only prioritize their safety but support them in becoming business savvy individuals. In Kenya. The transportation industry stands as the second leading source of greenhouse gas emissions. However.

Rest assured my friends. Because Kenyas’ National Climate Change Action Plan prioritizes transportation as an area for significant change. The electrifying project we are about to embark on is just the beginning of this effort. Let us not forget that back in 2016. KCB introduced the 2jiajiri program with the intention of supporting our youth and small businesses. And my oh my. The impact they have made! Having trained over 20,736 young individuals and invested an impressive Kes246 million into their businesses demonstrates substantial support.
Consequently this program has resulted in an astonishing creation of 64,380 direct jobs along with nurturing a notable number of small businesses (3,402) under KCBs’ attentive guidance. It feels like a celebration focused on building successful enterprises where everyone is invited!

So prepare yourselves for this exhilarating wave of change! With KCB and UNITAR leading the way we are about to witness a more environmentally friendly and sustainable boda boda sector. Let us contribute towards a low carbon future by embracing electric bikes as our mode of transportation.



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