Kenyan PayPal to Mpesa Users Grapple with Disruptions: Will the Storm Pass?

PayPal to Mpesa users in Kenya are facing some hiccups in their money transfers, and folks are taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations. One individual, woke up this morning only to find that the service had been unavailable for about four days. Imagine the panic! To make matters worse, there hasn’t been any official communication regarding the disruptions. It’s like being left in the dark with your wallet empty.

And he wasn’t alone in his misery. Another user chimed in, asking if anyone else was facing similar issues. He claimed that he had been wrestling with this problem for the past three days. Talk about bad luck!

To investigate further, I decided to check out the official PayPal to Mpesa website. And guess what? The situation was even scarier. The website was down for maintenance. When I landed on the page, all it said was, “Under maintenance: The website is under maintenance in order to serve you better. Please visit this website again in a few minutes.” Now, a few minutes can feel like hours when you’re eagerly waiting to access your hard-earned cash.

Here’s the plot twist: Thunes, a Singaporean financial institution, is the one behind the scenes of the PayPal to Mpesa platform. So naturally, a curious Twitter user reached out to Safaricom PLC, seeking some answers and reassurance. But alas, Safaricom has yet to respond to the tweet. Maybe they’re too busy trying to fix the issue or are caught up in a game of hide-and-seek. Who knows?

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. If you’re using PayPal to Equity Bank for your funds, you’re in luck. Users are reporting zero issues when transferring money between these two platforms. It’s like a smooth sailing yacht in the sea of financial transactions, where the sun is shining, and your funds are easily accessible within the usual timeframe.

So, for now, it seems like the PayPal to Mpesa duo is facing some rough patches. But let’s hope they can iron out the wrinkles soon and restore the smooth and hassle-free experience we all know and love. Fingers crossed!


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