Samsung Unveils One UI 5 Watch for Galaxy Devices: Enhancing Personalized Health and Fitness Experience

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its new One UI 5 Watch software, aimed at delivering an even more personalized and intuitive health experience for users of its Galaxy Watch devices. Scheduled for release later this calendar year, the software boasts a sweeping array of improvements crafted to bolster sleep quality, physical fitness and overall safety.

Samsung’s focus on improving sleep quality includes three key elements: understanding personal sleep patterns, establishing healthy habits, and creating a sleep-friendly environment. The new Sleep Insights UI prominently displays the user’s sleep score, followed by related metrics such as sleep phases, snoring hours, and blood oxygen levels. The software also features Sleep Coaching, which offers tailored advice for eight different sleep types, helping users track their habits conveniently and anytime, anywhere.

To create a comfortable sleeping environment, Samsung has made it easier to connect Galaxy Watch to a variety of devices. Upon the user’s slumber, SmartThings facilitates a cessation of their attached gadgets in order to mitigate diversions. The Sleep Mode feature also swiftly mutes notifications and dims the phone and watch screens. Additionally, One UI 5 Watch utilizes an infrared sensor instead of a green LED light, further reducing potential distractions.

The Personalized Heart Rate Zone feature offers users an optimal workout intensity level based on their physical capabilities. Incorporated into the exercise routine is a sequence consisting of five levels, each uniquely designated as warm-up, fat burn, cardio, hard-training and max effort. This combination provides users with an opportunity to create and measure personal fitness targets predicated on their individual skills set.

Safety is a top priority for Samsung, and One UI 5 Watch offers improved tools for greater peace of mind. The SOS feature allows direct communication with emergency services and provides immediate access to the wearer’s medical information. Additionally, the Fall Detection feature is now activated by default for users of advanced ages, reducing the risk of emergencies.


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