Isuzu Unveils Limited Edition Isuzu D-Max ‘1:59 Special’ to Celebrate Kipchoge’s Sub-Two Hour Marathon Achievement

On the third anniversary of the remarkable Ineos 1:59 challenge, renowned vehicle manufacturer Isuzu has introduced a special edition Isuzu D-Max model, known as the ‘1:59 Special.’ The purpose of this release is to commemorate Eliud Kipchoge’s historic achievement of completing a marathon in under two hours, which took place three years ago on the streets of Vienna.

Kipchoge made history as the first man ever to accomplish this feat in a race organized by Ineos, a British multinational chemicals company. His impressive time of 1:59:40 surpassed the target.

The limited edition vehicle is expected to be available for purchase starting from next year, with Kipchoge being granted the honor of owning the very first model. Only 159 of these vehicles will be offered in the market.

Rita Kavashe, the General Manager of Isuzu East Africa, expressed her excitement about the partnership and highlighted its significance in engaging customers. She stated, “This partnership solidifies a five-year-long collaboration and opens up new, thrilling avenues to connect with our customers. It is a great way to pay tribute to Eliud for his extraordinary achievement in the Ineos 1:59 run.”

Kavashe also revealed that a portion of the proceeds from the sales will be directed towards the Eliud Kipchoge Foundation, which focuses on promoting and nurturing young talent, particularly in Kaptagat, where Kipchoge trains.

According to Kavashe, the vehicle’s features will be tailored to embody the values that have contributed to Kipchoge’s success. Furthermore, fans and customers will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and contribute to the final design through social media channels.

Kipchoge expressed his gratitude towards Isuzu, likening their support to a vital component of his journey. He stated, “Isuzu is an integral part of my support system that has assisted me throughout this incredible journey. Isuzu, as a sponsor, is akin to one of my teammates, propelling me toward success. Other corporations should follow Isuzu’s lead in promoting sports. Sport is life.”

He added, “Having a car bearing my name serves as a tremendous motivation for me.”

“They have stood by me, and I am deeply appreciative of their support. The results of the past five years speak for themselves,” he concluded.

Kavashe highlighted the positive impact of their partnership with Kipchoge over the past five years, noting that their company’s profile has witnessed significant growth.

“Since our partnership began, our share of the D-Max has increased to 50%, while that of the double cab has risen to 30%. This clearly demonstrates the impact such collaborations can have,” Kavashe remarked.


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