Haji Launches Malalamishi Platform To Help Kenyans File Complains and Request Case Reviews

Director of Public Prosecutions, Noordin Haji, has unveiled a new online platform that allows Kenyans to file complaints and request case reviews conveniently.

Speaking at the launch event held at the Nairobi Remand, Industrial Area, Haji introduced the Malalamishi platform, which empowers Kenyan citizens to report criminal complaints to the ODPP and even make anonymous submissions using the Complaints Module.

Highlighting the significance of the digital platform, Haji emphasized that it would facilitate the review of approximately 35,000 pre-trial detention cases across the country. He further explained that the online system enables whistleblowers to come forward and simplifies the process of tracking complaint status through the allocation of reference numbers.

“The ODPP has assembled a dedicated team of prosecutors today to engage with remandees and chart a path toward resolving their cases, including determining the appropriate timing for prosecution and trial,” Haji announced.

The primary objective of this initiative is to ease the burden faced by minor offenders who often struggle to raise funds for bail or pay alternative fines imposed by the courts.

Through the Malalamishi Case Review Module, members of the public can easily submit complaints or request case reviews.

“The system, accessible at malalamishi.prosecutions.go.ke, provides a secure online platform where individuals can fill out complaint forms or case review forms and track their progress,” Haji elaborated.

Haji also highlighted the cost-saving benefits of digitizing the process, as it eliminates the need for printing and ensures seamless access to the system, which is available online 24/7.

“In addition, the digital system enables real-time reporting and analytics, furnishing detailed information to support data-driven decision-making,” Haji added.

In March 2023, the State Department for Correctional Services had already released 7,281 minor offenders as part of an ongoing program to alleviate prison congestion.

These freed inmates have been engaged in community service activities nationwide. Former Principal Secretary of the department, Mary Muthoni, explained that the primary goal of this initiative is to provide these individuals with a second chance and facilitate their successful reintegration into society.


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