Airtel Uganda Launches eSIMs, Providing Convenience and Flexibility to Customers with Compatible Devices

Airtel Uganda has announced the launch of eSims, following in the footsteps of Airtel Kenya. eSIM technology features a small, programmable chip that is embedded into devices such as tablets and smartphones.

This innovative technology enables as many as five virtual SIM cards to be stored on a single e-SIM. Additionally, this eliminates frequent complaints about damage or loss of traditional SIM cards.

Manoj Murali, Managing Director of Airtel Uganda, highlighted the convenience of using an eSIM. He emphasized that eSIMs provide flexibility to customers who own compatible devices, adding that they offer a software-installed solution that is permanently attached to the device’s Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC).

Furthermore, Murali mentioned the environmental benefits of eSIMs, emphasizing the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship by reducing e-waste from their operations.

To switch to eSIM, Airtel Uganda customers with compatible devices may visit an Airtel Shop, where they will be guided through the SIM swap process by Airtel service personnel. Customers will require a valid national ID and a QR code, which can be obtained by dialing *#06#.

Airtel Uganda is the first telecom company in Uganda to launch eSIMs. eSIMs are particularly beneficial for frequent travelers or individuals who require separate phone numbers for personal and business use.


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