Mart Networks and Amazon-Owned Ring partner to bring smart home security to Kenya

Mart Networks, a Nairobi-based tech company, has partnered with Amazon-owned Ring to introduce smart home security devices to the Kenyan market. This collaboration will enable Mart Networks to provide Kenyan homeowners with Ring’s range of reliable and easy-to-install home security systems that offer an additional layer of security through various features integrated into their video doorbells and security cameras.

The partnership will see Ring video doorbells and security cameras, which offer motion detection, night vision, two-way talk, and more, made available to Kenyan homeowners through the Ring app. Ring alarm will also allow homeowners to customize their system to suit their property and receive real-time notifications when their alarm sensors are triggered.

Mohammad Hoda, the Vice President for Emerging Markets at Ring, expressed the company’s mission to enhance neighborhood safety by introducing innovative home security products such as Ring video doorbell, Ring alarm, floodlight cam, and stick-up cams. He further emphasized the company’s eagerness to collaborate with Mart Networks to provide access to their products to more customers globally and ensure their peace of mind.

The partnership will benefit Kenyan homeowners looking for affordable and reliable smart home security systems. The growing demand for smart home security products in Africa, particularly in Kenya, is fuelled by rising crime rates, making it increasingly essential for homeowners to keep their properties secure.

Homeowners can easily and conveniently keep an eye on their properties and receive real-time alerts of any unusual activity with the use of smart home security systems. The increasing awareness of the advantages that smart home security systems offer is expected to drive the demand for these systems even higher in the coming years.

Ring has implemented features across all its devices to improve privacy, security, and user control. However, some features may require a Ring Protect subscription.

The partnership between Mart Networks and Ring is significant in the Kenyan market, as it offers reliable, affordable, and convenient smart home security systems to homeowners. This collaboration is expected to have a considerable impact on the continent’s smart home security market, which is likely to grow further as more people recognize the importance of keeping their homes safe and secure.


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