Kenyan Government to Launch Digital Identification System for Citizens by 2024

The Kenyan government plans to launch a digital identification system for its citizens by February 2024, according to Information and Technology Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo. Owalo emphasized the need for a digital identity system to speed up and simplify the process of identifying citizens and enabling them to access government services from anywhere.

During a workshop in Mombasa, Owalo stated that with a digital identification system in place, Kenyans can easily access government services without having to visit government offices and present their identity cards. He also highlighted the importance of digitizing government records, to have all government services digitized by June this year.

In addition, the government is pursuing the digitization of land records, which has the potential to unlock Sh100 million in revenue from the land sector. The government is also prioritizing the digitization of other key areas, such as birth registration and traffic management, which will result in streamlined services and increased efficiency.

Owalo noted that with the right ICT infrastructure in place, ICT can enable other key areas in government, ultimately leading to increased productivity and economic growth. He also reassured Kenyans that the government was not carrying forward the baggage of Huduma Namba and that other countries have successfully implemented digital identification systems.


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