Equity Bank Reassures Customers of Safe and Secure Transactions

Equity Bank has been trending recently with reports of fraud. On social media, it has been buzzing with concerns from Equity Bank customers regarding instances of fraud. However, the bank has issued a statement assuring its customers that it has fully addressed the reported cases and is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its accounts.

The bank has encouraged customers who have experienced issues to reach out to them through their verified social media accounts or by calling 0763 000 000. Equity Bank has confirmed that the reported incidents have received due attention and that customer information will not be divulged.

In light of these concerns, Equity Bank has emphasized its ongoing investment in technology and safety measures to provide its customers with a secure environment for their funds and transactions. The bank has advised customers to remain vigilant and to avoid sharing sensitive information such as PINs, passwords, or OTP numbers. It has also warned against the use of public Wi-Fi for online or mobile banking and encouraged customers to report any suspicious links or numbers to 333.

The bank has further advised customers not to give access to their Banking App or SIM card to anyone and to exercise caution when engaging with unsolicited messages. By following these simple steps, Equity Bank customers can have peace of mind knowing that their funds and transactions are protected.


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