SKY Girls Initiative announces second season of empowering mini-series ‘PAA – BORN TO FLY’

SKY Girls Initiative, a Kenyan empowerment program for teenage girls has announced the return of their highly-acclaimed mini-series “PAA – BORN TO FLY” for a second season. The show was nominated for the Best Viewer’s Choice award at the Kalasha Film & TV Awards in 2022. It follows the lives of teenage girls living in the bustling capital city of Nairobi as they navigate the challenges of social pressure, sexual harassment, bullying, and self-identity.

In the upcoming season, the show will delve deeper into important issues such as HIV and seek to debunk myths surrounding the virus. The goal of “PAA – BORN TO FLY” is to motivate young girls into making healthy choices and also to provide them with a supportive community of peers.

SKY Girls Initiative was founded in August 2020 with the aim of connecting, educating, and informing teenage girls in the Nairobi area. On top of the mini-series, the organization offers a range of resources including a Facebook and WhatsApp community, a magazine, and specialized services to help girls follow their passions and make informed decisions about their lives.

Svetlana Polikarpova, Program Director for SKY Girls KE, emphasized the importance of the organization, saying “SKY Girls is an empowerment program for girls by girls. We co-create experiences and content that empower teen girls with the confidence they need to make the best choices for their lives.”

“PAA – BORN TO FLY” Season 2 will air on the SKYGIRLSKE YouTube channel starting on January 7th, 2023. It is written by Davina Leonard and soundtracked by Emma Cheruto, and produced by Johny (Cash) Musingo through his production company, An Outbox ventures.


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