Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to see significant price hike, base model rumored to debut at $1249 (about KSH. 128,432)

As the official launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S23 range approaches, leaks and rumors about the new series are picking momentum. Starting with design to specs, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the upcoming phones. However, one report that has been flying under the radar is the price of the new series. According to recent leaks, one model will see a significant price hike.

The Galaxy S22 series reportedly fell short of expectations, and Samsung was wary of passing on the increased costs to consumers. As a result, the brand did not increase the prices of the phones last year. However, it seems that Samsung is ready to pass on the increased costs to consumers with the Galaxy S23 series.

According to recent reports from a Korean source, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will see a price increase of between $10 to $20. This information is further backed by a new leak from a Samsung insider, RGcloudS, who has also shared details on the pricing of the upcoming series. The leak suggests that the standard Galaxy S23 and the S23 Plus will retain their pricing from their predecessors and will not see any price changes.

The 8GB/128GB model of the standard Galaxy S23 is expected to debut at $799 (about KSH. 81,932) and the 8GB/256GB model at $849 (about KSH. 86,632). The Galaxy S23 Plus is expected to come in at $999 (about KSH. 102,932) for the 8GB/128GB model and $1049 (about KSH. 107,632) for the 8GB/256GB model.

Increasing the price of the Galaxy S23 Plus could have been risky for Samsung, as there have been reports of poor sales performance for the S22 Plus. If the trend continues with the S23 Plus, it is possible that we may not see a S24 Plus in the future. Despite this, the S23 and S23 Plus models offer great value for money as they come with advanced features such as improved SoCs, batteries and a new selfie camera, all at the same price point as their predecessors.

The biggest price increase will be on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. According to leaks, the base model will debut at $1249 (about KSH. 128,432), which is a $50 increase from the base model of the S22 Ultra. The base model of the S23 Ultra is also said to feature 256GB storage, but there will be no changes in the RAM department. The base S23 Ultra will still debut with 8GB of RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 range is just around the corner, leaks and rumors about the new series are coming in thick and fast. While the prices of the standard Galaxy S23 and the S23 Plus will remain the same as their predecessors, the price of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is set to see a significant increase. The Galaxy S23 Ultra will debut at $1249 (about KSH. 128,432) for the base model, which is a $50 increase from the base model of the S22 Ultra. With the official launch event set for February 1st, we’ll have to wait and see how the pricing of the new series will impact its sales. We don’t expect any major variations on prices and availability here in Kenya.


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