Pesapal Launches Supertap: The Revolutionary Way to Make Mpesa Payments at Thousands of Merchants!

Pesapal, a digital payments company based in Kenya, has revolutionized the way Mpesa payments are made at thousands of merchants using Pesapal Sabi POS machines. With the launch of Supertap, a new platform that streamlines the payment process for Pesapal Mobile users, customers can now simply tap their phones on the POS machines to complete their transactions.

Gone are the days of having to fumble with till numbers or giving cashiers your phone number to complete a payment. Supertap eliminates this lengthy process and allows customers to simply tap their phone on the POS machine, enter their Mpesa pin, and confirm the transaction. Both the customer and merchant will receive a receipt to confirm that the payment was successful.

To use Supertap, customers must first download and install the Pesapal Mobile App on an NFC-enabled Android handset. Once the app is installed, they can link their Mpesa number and begin making payments by tapping their phone on a Pesapal Sabi POS machine. This convenient payment method can be used in a variety of sectors that accept mobile money, including retail, hospitality, bars, and restaurants.

In addition to Mpesa, Pesapal is also working on adding Visa, Mastercard, bank accounts, and licensed digital credit providers as payment options on Pesapal Mobile. This will provide even more flexibility and convenience for customers looking to make digital payments.

Overall, the launch of Supertap represents a major step forward for Pesapal and the digital payments industry in Africa. By simplifying the payment process and expanding the available payment methods, Pesapal is making it easier than ever for customers to make purchases and complete transactions.


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