One Equity Till Number: The Convenient and Secure Payment Solution Taking Kenya by Storm!

The One Equity Till Number is revolutionizing the way that payments are made in Kenya. This digital platform has seen explosive growth over the past year, with the value of transactions made on the platform increasing by 298% and the number of transactions increasing by 379%. This rapid adoption is largely due to the platform’s interoperability, which allows customers to make payments using M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Pesalink, their bank apps, Equitel, Equity Online, or Equity Mobile. This convenience is particularly appealing to merchants, as it means that they don’t need to display multiple signages for different mobile wallet operators.

In addition to its convenience, the One Equity Till Number also offers a number of benefits for both merchants and customers. For merchants, the platform provides a real-time notification when a customer has successfully made a payment, as well as a real-time settlement of the transaction. This is critical for the day-to-day running of businesses, as it allows merchants to access funds anywhere, anytime through their digital banking platforms or by visiting an agent, branch, or ATM. The One Equity Till Number also offers safety measures, such as preventing transaction reversals, which can help to reduce the risk of fraud.

Customers also stand to benefit from the One Equity Till Number. For one, transactions on the platform are free of charge, which can help to reduce the cost of making payments. Additionally, the platform provides a confirmation message when a payment has been made, which can help to reduce the risk of errors or misunderstandings. Finally, the One Equity Till Number offers safety measures to protect against fraudulent activity, such as requiring customers to contact the business and the bank in the event of a dispute or reversal.

Overall, the One Equity Till Number is an innovative and convenient payment platform that is helping to drive the digital transformation of the Kenyan economy. Whether you are a merchant looking to streamline your payments or a customer looking for a more convenient way to make transactions, the One Equity Till Number is definitely worth considering. To sign up for this service, simply visit your nearest Equity branch and start enjoying the benefits of digitizing your payments today!


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