Muranga County Sees Increased Revenue and Improved Transparency with Shift to Online Payment System

Residents of Muranga County, Kenya are now able to pay their levies online through a new digital revenue collection system. The county government made the switch from a cash-based system to an online platform in January in an effort to improve accountability and transparency and increase overall returns. The new system was piloted in September 2022 and has already shown promising results.

According to county governor Irungu Kang’ata, the shift to an online system has resulted in a significant increase in revenue collected at various locations, including the Murang’a Level Five Hospital, where payments have risen from Sh70,000 ($680) per day to Sh150,000 ($1,460) per day. The county has also seen an increase in revenue from parking fees, which are now being charged at designated areas around town at a rate of Sh50,000 ($480) per day, up from the previous rate of Sh37,000 ($360). Similarly, the county is now collecting Sh50,000 ($480) per day at the Murang’a town markets, an increase from the previous rate of Sh25,000 ($240), and revenue collection at quarries has increased to Sh50,000 ($480) per day, up from the initial rate of Sh22,000 ($210).

In addition to improving their revenue collection system, the county is also working to improve infrastructure by partnering with road construction agencies to tarmac roads in local towns with the goal of establishing smart cities. The program will begin in Murang’a town, where several roads will be upgraded to improve the existing infrastructure.

Overall, the adoption of an online revenue collection system has been successful in increasing returns and improving accountability and transparency for the county government of Muranga. The shift to an online platform has helped to seal any loopholes that may have previously allowed for the misappropriation of county resources and has proven to be a beneficial change for the county.


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