Lipa Later acquires SkyGarden, paving the way for comprehensive e-commerce solution and industry disruption

Hold on to your shopping carts because Lipa Later, the fintech champion, just made a major power move in the industry. They’ve gone and acquired SkyGarden, sending shockwaves through the market. It’s like a game of Monopoly, but with real money and serious business strategies.

This acquisition means big things for Lipa Later. They’re expanding their customer base, solidifying their presence, and becoming a force to be reckoned with. It’s like they’ve just unleashed their secret weapon and are ready to conquer the e-commerce world. Watch out, competitors!

The CEO of Lipa Later, Eric Muli, couldn’t contain his excitement. He sees this acquisition as a perfect match for their mission of empowering African businesses and consumers through e-commerce and financial inclusion. Muli said, “Lipa Later is no stranger to the e-commerce industry. We’re already rocking the online payment and finance sectors. Now, with SkyGarden on board, we’re taking the shopping experience to a whole new level.” Get ready for a shopping revolution, my friends!

But don’t worry, SkyGarden fans, because it’s not going anywhere. It will continue to operate under its own name as a fully-owned subsidiary of Lipa Later. It’s like having the best of both worlds—SkyGarden’s established infrastructure and Lipa Later’s innovative approach to payment solutions. It’s a match made in e-commerce heaven.

Now, here’s the real game-changer. With this acquisition, consumers get even more flexibility in how they pay for their goodies. You can choose any payment method you fancy, including Lipa Later’s fabulous buy now, pay later model. Say goodbye to breaking the bank in one go. Instead, you can enjoy the luxury of monthly installments, making your shopping experience even sweeter. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Martin Majlund, the founder of SkyGarden, is thrilled about this acquisition. He knows that Lipa Later has what it takes to take SkyGarden to new heights. Majlund said, “We built a great product, and with Lipa Later’s expertise, SkyGarden’s vision will continue to shine.” It’s like passing the baton to a champion runner, ready to sprint toward success.

Lipa Later has big plans for the future. They’re not stopping here. Oh no! They’re spreading their e-commerce magic across Rwanda, Uganda, and Nigeria. It’s like a domino effect, with the impact on the industry bound to be significant. Lipa Later is all about bridging the gap between merchants and customers, revolutionizing the shopping experience, and disrupting the industry with their innovative solutions, top-notch service, and cutting-edge technology.


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