LG unveils world’s first wireless TV with revolutionary Zero Connect technology at CES 2023

LG has revealed the LG Signature OLED M (model M3) TV, the world’s first wireless TV supported by the company’s Zero Connect technology. The Zero Connect tech is a wireless solution for the transmission of video and audio in real-time. The TV comes with a Zero Connect Box that holds all the necessary ports to connect to HDMI devices such as set-top boxes, soundbars, and more. LG has developed an algorithm for the box to easily connect with the TV, which helps to figure out the optimal transmission path and reduces transmission errors or interruptions by detecting them and switching paths. The box’s antenna can also be repositioned for increased signal strength.

The box allows for easy installation without any cables and supports voice recognition for controlling the M3 and connected devices with voice commands. The LG Signature M3 has a 97-inch self-lit OLED display and supports content at 4K 120Hz. It has a One Wall Design that blends into the room’s decor. The wireless TV has won the CES 2023 Innovation Awards in two categories.

While the price and availability of the LG Signature OLED TV have not yet been announced, it is sure to be a highly sought-after product for its unique wireless capabilities and high-quality display. Its innovative design and ability to easily integrate into any living space make it a standout product in the world of home entertainment.


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