LG Electronics partners with University of Nairobi to provide training in innovative HVAC technology

LG Electronics has announced a partnership with the University of Nairobi (UoN) to provide training in the latest Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) innovations to professionals in the construction industry. The partnership aims to increase awareness and technical skills in the local market for LG’s HVAC inverter technology, which greatly reduces energy consumption and is ideal for price and environmentally-conscious consumers.

As part of the deal, LG will revamp its Engineering academy and rebrand its showroom in Nairobi, with the new LG B2B Academy offering courses in industry-leading air conditioning technologies. Trainees will have the opportunity to learn about installation, troubleshooting, and full service at the academy, with hundreds set to benefit from the training.

LG is investing in building local capacity in installation and maintenance in an effort to differentiate itself with a better customer experience. The company’s East Africa Managing Director, Sa Nyoung Kim, stated that enhanced awareness and training are crucial in increasing the adoption of this innovative technology in the local market. LG has also partnered with industry players to strengthen its B2B Academy and provide a platform to sharpen technical skills available locally to support the latest state-of-the-art range of air conditioners.

In addition to the training provided at the academy, LG has introduced a new cloud-based technology called TMS-BECON Cloud, which allows customers to monitor their air conditioners in real time. This technology enables LG to offer troubleshooting support from its Nairobi office to all its sales sites within the East Africa region.

The partnership with UoN is also intended to ensure that future engineers and architects are aligned with fast-evolving technologies and consumer needs. LG Middle East and Africa General Manager, Yong Kim, stated that the academy aims to have a long-lasting impact not only in Kenya but also in the wider East African region. The rebranded LG showroom, which will be open from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm, will showcase LG’s HVAC innovations suitable for a variety of settings, including residential, retail, public, corporate/government spaces, hospitals, hotels, and learning institutions.

With the rising cost of energy, many consumers are seeking out innovative appliances to trim their power bills, and the rapidly growing demand for energy-saving technology in the East Africa region, coupled with the fact that many African countries are still using outdated air conditioners, makes a strong case for training in the new technology. LG is committed to ensuring that its customers are delighted with its ground-breaking indoor air solutions in both residential and commercial environments, and this includes training technicians in the installation and maintenance of advanced appliances.


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