Kenyan Government Sets Goal to Digitize 5,000 Services Within Next Six Months

The Kenyan government is working to digitize 5,000 of its services within the next six months, according to President William Ruto. Speaking at a Cabinet retreat, Ruto directed the ICT Ministry to migrate the services by June and said that Cabinet members and principal secretaries should work with the ministry to ensure the digitization takes place. The effort is aimed at increasing revenue collection and minimizing costs through the use of technology to improve service delivery. So far, 300 government services have already been digitized using the official digital payment platform, E-Citizen.

In addition to the digitization of services, the Kenyan government will also be going paperless in the next session of the Cabinet in an effort to improve efficiency and synergy in service delivery. The move towards a more digital government is an ambitious and necessary step towards modernizing and streamlining processes in order to better serve citizens. While the task of digitizing 5,000 services in such a short time frame will be challenging, it is an important step towards improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the government.

Digitizing 5,000 government services within the next six months may be a difficult task, but it is a crucial move towards modernizing the Kenyan government and improving service delivery. By using technology, the government can provide easier access to services for citizens and streamline decision-making processes. The ICT Ministry will have to work hard to meet this goal, and it will be interesting to see the progress they make in the coming months.


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