KCB Bank Kenya Partners with Kodris Africa to Offer Discounted Coding Lessons to Customers

KCB Bank Kenya has partnered up with Kodris Africa to bring you an awesome deal that’ll have you coding up a storm! Get ready to unleash your inner coder and dive into the world of technology with discounted coding lessons. It’s like having a secret passcode to unlock a treasure trove of digital knowledge!

Under this fantastic partnership, KCB Bank Kenya customers are in for a treat. You can now get your hands on Kodris Africa subscription licenses at a whopping 50% discount! That’s right, folks, half off the regular price. So, grab your calculators and let’s do the math. Previously priced at KSh 19,720 ($183), a year of coding now only costs KSh 9,860 ($88). Talk about a steal of a deal!

But wait, there’s more! KCB customers who qualify can enroll their little coding enthusiasts in the online lessons for a monthly cost of KSh 822 ($7.50). It’s like having a coding academy right at your fingertips. And here’s the cherry on top—you can pay in installments using your KCB credit card or through the super cool Kodris Africa app. It’s all about convenience, my friends!

Not only are individual customers benefiting from this partnership, but schools are in on the action too. They can access classroom licenses at a discounted price of KSh 26,622 ($246), down from KSh 29,580 ($274). It’s like giving the gift of coding to the next generation of tech geniuses. Who knows, we might have some future Silicon Valley stars in our midst!

You might be wondering, why all the fuss about coding? Well, my friends, coding is the language that makes the digital world go round. It’s like the secret sauce that brings technology to life. Think about it—Internet banking, ATMs, mobile banking—these are all powered by coding. It’s the magic that turns human ideas into computer commands. And in today’s digital age, coding is a highly sought-after skill that opens doors to endless possibilities.

KCB Bank Kenya’s #4theLoveofEducation initiative is all about supporting education in the country. They’re going above and beyond to make a difference. From clean energy facilities to infrastructure improvements, learning materials donations, and scholarships for talented but financially disadvantaged students, KCB is showing their love for education in every way possible.

So, folks, seize this opportunity to dive into the world of coding with KCB Bank Kenya and Kodris Africa. With their discounted coding lessons, you’ll be equipped with a powerful skill that can take you places. Get ready to unleash your creativity, solve problems, and make your mark in the digital economy. Happy coding!


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