Huawei Launches Training Program to Build Capacity of 120 Solar Engineers in Kenya

The solar industry in Kenya is shining bright and ready for some serious growth. According to a study by the Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis, this booming sector is expected to create over 50,000 jobs in the coming year. That’s a whole lot of opportunities to soak up that renewable energy goodness!

Now, hold onto your solar panels, because Huawei Kenya is stepping up to the plate with their Thousand Digital Power Talents Program in Nairobi. They’re not just playing around, folks. This program aims to equip 120 engineers with the technical know-how to tackle the industry’s demands. And guess what? It’s the first of its kind in the country. Talk about leading the charge!

Oliver Dupeng, the CEO of Eastern Africa Digital Power Business at Huawei, spilled the beans on where all these new jobs will be popping up. We’re looking at operation and maintenance roles taking up 40%, followed closely by construction and installation jobs at another 40%. The remaining 20% covers the exciting fields of manufacturing, distribution, and research and development. But hey, Dupeng didn’t stop there. He recognized the need to get more women in the mix, as they’re currently underrepresented in technical and management positions. Ladies, it’s time to bring your solar-powered brilliance to the forefront!

Huawei Kenya is taking the responsibility seriously. They’ve got big plans for 2023, my friends. They’ll be hosting additional training sessions to further enhance the knowledge and skills of those working in the solar industry. It’s all about promoting knowledge and technology accumulation, incubating new businesses, and creating industrial clusters that incentivize localizing value chain segments. Now that’s what I call a bright idea!

And let’s not forget about Kenya’s massive solar potential. We’re talking about a whopping estimated capacity of 15,000 MW and a total value of Kshs 13.5 billion! That’s enough solar power to make your shades flip. Huawei is all in when it comes to driving this growth. They’re integrating digital and power electronics technologies to enable energy digitalization and pave the way for a cleaner, greener future. Their Smart PV installation processes are making solar installation more efficient than ever. Efficiency, sustainability, and a dash of technological innovation—sounds like a winning recipe to me!

Folks, as the solar industry continues to shine its light on Kenya, it’s crucial that we have a workforce ready to soak up the sun. Programs like the Thousand Digital Power Talents Program are illuminating the way and ensuring that we have skilled technicians to fuel this solar revolution. So let’s harness that renewable energy, light up the future, and make Kenya a beacon of solar brilliance!


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