Glovo Launches Glovo Local to Help SMEs Boost Growth in the Digital Age

Glovo, have cooked up something special for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya’s retail and restaurant industries. Brace yourselves for Glovo local, their latest creation aimed at giving those businesses a boost in the world of e-commerce.

Picture this: a one-stop hub where local businesses can find tailored solutions for their specific needs, all in one convenient spot. That’s exactly what Glovo Local offers. They’ve got digital and operational services galore, helping these SMEs level up their online game. Plus, they even throw in learning and development opportunities with tutorials and support to guide these businesses on their digital journey. It’s like having a personal e-commerce guru by your side!

Caroline Mutuku, the General Manager of Glovo Kenya, spills the beans on their ambitious plan. They already have over 4,000 businesses registered on the Glovo app, but they’re not stopping there. They’ve got their sights set on increasing that number even more by 2023. Talk about spreading the e-commerce love! With the challenges brought on by the pandemic, many businesses are feeling the heat. Glovo Local swoops in to save the day, helping them reach more customers and achieve growth and profitability.

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the digital revolution that’s been sweeping through our lives. Technology has been a game-changer, improving the lives of customers and vendors alike. The retail sector, in particular, has seen a massive transformation thanks to the rise of e-commerce. It’s like a digital shopping extravaganza, making it easier for retailers to connect with their customers and bring convenience to the forefront.

But hold your horses, because Africa still has a lot of untapped digital potential. It’s like we’re just scratching the surface of a digital gold mine. Glovo Local comes hot on the heels of some nifty research commissioned by Glovo in multiple markets, including Kenya. They found out that 90% of businesses believe that understanding the market and customers’ needs is the secret sauce to staying relevant. Ain’t that the truth?

According to the research, 79% of businesses also believe that having a tech-savvy partner will keep them competitive, especially with the rising cost of living. And get this, a whopping 86% of businesses are changing their strategies more frequently to reach more customers. They’re like acrobats, flipping and twisting to keep up with the game. You’ve got to admire their determination!

Kenya is no stranger to digital prowess. With a digital economy blueprint in play and an increase in financial accounts and mobile phone subscriptions, the e-commerce sector in Kenya is booming. Glovo Local is capitalizing on this growth and lending a helping hand to SMEs who want to up their digital game. They’re here to guide these businesses through the complex world of e-commerce, offering resources and support to boost their chances of success. It’s like having a trusty sidekick on your e-commerce adventure!

So, fellow business owners, whether you’re just starting out or aiming to conquer new horizons, Glovo Local is your secret weapon in the digital age. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to growth. Glovo is here to make your dreams of digital success a reality. Embrace the power of e-commerce and let Glovo Local be your guiding light.


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