Food Delivery Boom in Kenya: Chicken, Pizza, Burgers, and Alcohol Top the Charts on Bolt Food

In Kenya, the food delivery industry is on the rise as more and more consumers turn to apps like Bolt Food, Jumia Food, Glovo Kenya, and Uber Eats for their meals. According to data from the end of 2022, chicken was the most popular item ordered on the Bolt Food platform, with over 30,000 orders in the past year. Pizza came in second, followed by burgers and alcohol.

This trend can be attributed to the growth of the middle class and the emphasis on convenience in the face of rapid urbanization. Instead of traveling to various restaurants and establishments, consumers are opting to have their favorite dishes delivered straight to their doors. And with the restrictions and closures of hotels and restaurants due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the food delivery business has exploded.

According to research firm Statista, restaurants and platforms in Kenya booked revenues of €172.7 million (Sh22.5 billion) from delivering food to customers in 2022. Restaurant-to-consumer delivery was the most dominant, bringing in €114.7 million (Sh14.9 billion). The average revenue per user for meal delivery in the country is around Sh2,500.

Statista projects that the number of meal delivery users in Kenya will reach 25.1 million by 2027, with a user penetration rate of 22.3% in 2023 and an expected increase to 40.1% by 2027.

Most food in Kenya is delivered by bicycle or motorcycle, which allows for efficient navigation of traffic in urban areas. Delivery fees are often included in the overall cost of the order and may vary based on the value of the order and the distance traveled by the courier.

As the culture of consumer convenience continues to pick up in Kenya, the food delivery industry is expected to grow significantly across tech platforms and restaurants. So the next time you’re craving a delicious chicken dinner or a slice of pizza, consider having it delivered straight to your door.


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