Equity Bank Kenya Partners with NALA Payments to Make Sending Money to Kenya a Breeze

Kenyans in the UK and the US! Are you tired of going through complicated processes just to send money back home or make investments in Kenya? Well, fret no more because Equity Bank Kenya and NALA Payments have got your back! They’ve teamed up to make money transfers a breeze, straight from your bank to Equity Bank accounts and other mobile wallets in Kenya. It’s like a financial superhero duo coming to your rescue!

So, here’s the lowdown on how it all works. First things first, grab your phone and head to the App Store or Google Play to download the NALA app. Once you’ve got it on your device, it’s time to set up your NALA account. Just provide your personal and banking information, and you’re good to go.

Now comes the fun part. Select “Send Money” in the app and choose Kenya as your recipient country. Enter the amount you want to send and the mobile wallet number or Equity Bank account number of your lucky recipient back home. Double-check the details, including the exchange rate and fees, and when you’re all set, go ahead and complete the payment using your trusty bank account or debit/credit card. Easy peasy!

The best part? Your recipient gets the money instantly, thanks to NALA’s speedy technology and Equity Bank’s robust financial infrastructure. It’s like sending a virtual hug and a pocket full of Kenyan shillings all in one go. Plus, NALA has some exciting news for you. They’re opening a shiny new office in Nairobi, bringing their operations closer to home. A third of their team will be based there, ensuring top-notch service for those of you in the UK and US who want to save and invest in the Kenyan economy. Talk about going the extra mile!

NALA CEO Benjamin Fernandes believes that the partnership with Equity Bank is a game-changer. He sees it as a crucial step towards creating more economic opportunities on a global scale. With NALA’s technology and Equity Bank’s widespread reach, they’re building a stronger financial infrastructure for Kenyans around the world. It’s like a power couple joining forces to make the world a better place, one transaction at a time.

And speaking of power moves, Robert Kiboti, Equity Head of Private Banking, is stoked about this partnership too. He sees it as a way to solidify Equity Bank’s position as the go-to provider of remittance services for Kenyans in the diaspora. They’re all about joining forces with like-minded partners, such as NALA, to ensure that their members have access to seamless and competitive remittance services. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!


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