Dimension Data Launches 360 Observability in East Africa to Improve Digital Experiences and Optimize Performance

Dimension Data, an IT solutions and technology provider, has recently launched 360 Observability in East Africa to help organizations achieve deep visibility over their cloud-native applications, hybrid IT, and multi-cloud infrastructure. This new managed service is designed to provide teams with the insights they need to quickly fix problems and deliver secure, exceptional, and reliable digital experiences.

Modern applications run in complicated environments that are spread out. Teams often need help to provide a top-notch digital experience due to the absence of information related to business results. Dimension Data’s 360 Observability, powered by Cisco Full-Stack Observability, tackles this problem by going beyond simply monitoring domains and implementing a comprehensive approach to application performance, digital experiences, resource optimization, multi-cloud infrastructure, and network and application security. With the help of 360 Observability, teams can quickly identify, prioritize and solve the major issues affecting the user experience and the business.

The 360 Observability service provided by Dimension Data is composed of two distinct segments, the Observability Maturity Assessment and Multicloud Application Monitoring. The Observability Maturity Assessment offers the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance performance management and operational maturity, providing teams the ability to align with business and IT goals and objectives. This assessment identifies key strategies and architectures to achieve desired business outcomes and measurable key performance indicators. Meanwhile, Multicloud Application Monitoring offers data-driven insights on application performance, from the browser and mobile app to middleware and backend databases. It also includes a team of experts in observability who provide technical support and advisory services, helping to operate and optimize the observability platform.

360 Observability offers a range of features to its users, including regular health checks of applications and infrastructures. Dashboards can be customized to the users’ needs, smart alerts and reports, and the ability to isolate and speed up the resolution of faults. The service provides businesses with round-the-clock monitoring of their applications, giving them real-time, all-encompassing visibility into the data they have at their disposal. The observability assessments that are also provided as part of the service help to optimize costs and improve performance, leading to a maximization of digital business revenue, early identification and resolution of issues, and swift remediation.

For many years, Dimension Data has been a leader in introducing cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of its clients, and it has been able to achieve this by collaborating closely with its customers and partners, according to Edwin Ngaruiya, Head of Cloud and Innovation at Dimension Data in East and Africa. He added that with the launch of observability, they are continuing with this approach. The managed service provided by Dimension Data will allow clients to gain performance visibility across all of their applications, infrastructure, and workloads by utilizing advanced analytics and automation in partnership with Cisco. This information will empower them to create an unparalleled customer experience.

The demand for flexibility in consuming advanced observability and analytics services is rising, said Alexandra Zagury, VP of Partner Managed and as-a-Service Sales at Cisco. She added that Dimension Data’s 360 Observability is an example of how these capabilities can be jointly developed and delivered, with Cisco Full-Stack Observability as its foundation. This service aims to help shared customers achieve exceptional digital experiences, increase revenue and speed up digital transformation.

Dimension Data’s 360 Observability is a game-changer for organizations looking to improve their digital experiences. It provides teams with the insights they need to proactively identify and resolve issues that could impact the user experience and the overall business. The service is powered by Cisco Full-Stack Observability and includes two components, Observability Maturity Assessment and Multicloud Application Monitoring, which work together to optimize costs and performance. This service is an excellent option for organizations looking to improve their digital experiences and drive revenue.


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