Cellulant Named Kenya’s Best Online Payment Platform at Top Star Brand Awards

Cellulant, the leader of digital payments in Africa, has been crowned Kenya’s best online payment platform at this year’s Top Star Brand Awards. Cue the confetti and applause!

This prestigious award is a well-deserved recognition of Cellulant’s outstanding contributions to Kenya’s fintech and payment ecosystems. With their Tingg platform, they’ve revolutionized the way businesses handle payments. Tingg is like a magic wand that enables digital payments across the African continent, making life easier for merchants and customers alike.

Imagine this: You’re a business owner, and you want to provide your customers with a seamless payment experience. Tingg steps in, offering simplified payment tools and processes that allow your customers to pay using their preferred local payment options. It’s like giving them a menu of payment choices, from cards to wallets to good old-fashioned bank transfers. Cellulant’s got it all covered.

But that’s not all, folks. Cellulant serves some big-name companies in Kenya, including Naivas, Kenya Airways, Jambojet, Equity Bank, KCB, Bolt, and Kenya Power. They’re like the A-list celebrities of the payment world, connecting businesses with over 350 payment options across 35 countries. Talk about global reach!

Cellulant’s Tingg platform is a powerhouse, driving payments for over 1,100 client businesses, 50+ banks, and a whopping 220 million+ consumers. That’s a whole lot of transactions happening on a single network. It’s like a digital highway of payments, connecting people and businesses across the African continent with ease. Now that’s what we call interoperability!

The past two years have seen a remarkable shift in the use of digital payments, thanks to our dear friend COVID-19. Faith Nkatha Gitonga, Cellulant’s Kenya Country Manager, knows this all too well. She acknowledges the incredible performance Cellulant has shown in the payments industry, and their dedication to providing clients with top-notch products and services. They’re like the superheroes fighting for the future of payments!

Now, let’s talk about the Top Star Brand Awards. These prestigious accolades are organized by Digital Events Ltd, who bring together a panel of judges consisting of digital tech consultants, academia, IT professionals, government representatives, industry networks, and the media. It’s like assembling the Avengers of the tech world! These awards celebrate the crème de la crème of Kenyan brands and their contributions to the digital tech industry.

And guess what? Cellulant is basking in the glory of this well-deserved recognition. They’ve been honored as a top brand in Kenya, and they’re shining brighter than ever. It’s like getting a gold medal in the Olympics of the payment world!


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